Receipts FAQ - iOS

How do I add a receipt?
Tap the Receipts tab and then tap the + button on the top right.

What is this receipt field for?
Receipts include ten standard fields:

Account - Accounts contain groups of receipts and help organize expenses by client, project, trip, business, or any other grouping. A default account is included, new accounts may be added under Settings (or when editing a receipt). Each account may have a currency/mileage unit set.
Date - The date the transaction occurred.
Business - The company, business, or organization pertaining to this receipt.
Description - A brief title describing the receipt.
Category - Categories are used to group receipts within an account. There are 16 categories included, others may be added under Settings (or when editing a receipt). Note that subcategories may be created by assigning a parent category to a category.
Total - The total value (with currency or mileage unit) for this receipt. This may be a currency or mileage value (including start and stop values for mileage). Up to three total fields may be included to handle the receipt total (with unit), the account total (if the account has a different unit from the receipt), and the home currency total (if the home currency is different from the receipt and account).
Repeat - Specifies whether or not this receipt repeats and the repeating interval and end date. When viewing a repeating receipt, an info button appears next to the repeat field. Tapping the info button will display a list of all related repeating receipts.
Notes - Add related text or other info for the receipt.
Active - Active receipts appear black in the receipts list while inactive receipts are grey.
Attachments - Attachments (including photos, drawings, voice memos, and other files) are displayed in the tray at the bottom of the view. Tap an attachment to preview it. When editing, attachments may be deleted by tapping the X button. They may also be reordered by tapping and dragging the attachment to a new location. Tap the file name to change it.

How do I edit an existing receipt?
Tap the Receipts tab and select an account, category, and receipt. Tap the info button to see the account or category summary, tap anywhere else in the cell to see the list it contains. Tap the Edit button on the top right of a receipt and then tap a field to change its value.

How do I enter text in the description and business fields?
Tap the info button on the right of the field to select a previous field value. Tap anywhere else in the field to enter a new value.

How do I add an attachment to a receipt?
Files may be added to receipts as attachments from other apps. Tap and hold the file from an app that supports opening files in other apps. The Open sheet will appear. Select Receipts from the list of apps. Receipts will open and add the attachment to the receipt currently being edited or display an alert where the attachment may be added to either a new or existing receipt.

How do I delete, make active/inactive, duplicate, move to account/category, or export a large number of receipts?
Navigate to the receipt list (under the Receipts tab) and tap the Edit button. Select the receipts (or tap the Select button on the top left) and then tap the trash button to delete, the Active button to make the receipts active or inactive, Duplicate to duplicate the receipt list, or the action button to move the selected receipts to an account or category, or to export.

How do I change the date format?
Receipts uses the system date format which is specified by the current region settings. The region format can be changed using the Settings app. The setting is located at General -> International -> Region Format.

How do I change the decimal separator to a comma or period?
Receipts uses the system decimal separator as specified by the current region settings. The region format can be changed using the Settings app. The setting is located at General -> International -> Region Format.


How do I upload a report to a web service?
Tap the Reports tab and select the Destination setting. Select either iCloud, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive to upload the report to a web service. Each service requires an account which must be set up before uploading a report.

Where do I sign up for an iCloud, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive account?
Accounts may be set up by opening the links below:

Google Drive

How do I set my home currency?
To set the home currency, tap the Settings tab and then tap Receipt Settings. Tap Home Currency and select a country/currency.

Does restoring a backup replace existing receipts and settings?
Yes, restoring a backup will replace all existing receipts, photos, drawings, voice memos, attachments, and settings. Existing receipts are NOT merged when restoring a backup.

How do I transfer my receipts and settings to a new device?
You can save a backup from the source device and restore the backup on the destination device. The easiest way to do this is to select Device when saving/restoring a backup. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

How do I restore a backup file from email?
Tap and hold the backup file in Mail until the Open sheet appears. Select Receipts from the list of apps. Note that restoring a backup file will replace all existing receipts and settings.